Tyler Martin and Dylan Parker

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In another room, Officer Dylan looks after cute teen Tyler Martin, who steals a kiss from the handsome blonde policeman which is enough to turn his mind off of procedure!! Tyler has a deliciously cute body, completely hairless with a high, tight little butt that Officer Dylan cant wait to inspect!! As he takes off his own uniform, displaying some hot tattoos and broad, tanned shoulders, Tyler gets to work on the cops straining boner, sliding his pouting lips around it and gently licking from the base to the round, pink tip. Pretty soon though, Officer Dylan is pushing the entire length of his erection inside the blonde cuties cock hugging asshole and pounding him repeatedly, legs over his shoulders!! Its not hard to tell that boy guys are loving every second as they moan and writhe in a sexual frenzy until they burst, unloading hot, sticky wads of jizz over each other!!

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