Boyfriend Fun with Suzy

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Suzy and her boyfriend are a perfect match, based on their love for ass fetish. She loves to climb on top of a table and shows her man all that he loves. She bends over, pokes her big booty out, slapping it, which really excites him. He can't wait any longer. He hurries over and gets his lips on her ass hole, shoving his tongue deep inside of her. He takes a good look at her pussy and worships it, making her moan, smothering him with her twat. If she doesn't sit on his face, she's going to explode. He gets into position and rides his face. He loves when she slaps him between her deep grinding, riding his face hard as he eats her out. She loves to leaves her pussy on his face, cutting of his air supply, hearing him gasp for air when she gives him a break. From both ends, they love deep full weight facesitting. They don't stop, even when we stop recording.

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