Meet Alyson Galen

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New girl time! Alyson Galen didn't know what XLGirls was all about until her boyfriend told her. Then they checked out Alyson thought she'd give it a go and emailed some at-home snaps. It's that easy. We've heard similar stories from other big-boobed girls. They don't know that magazines, DVDs and sites devoted to big girls even exist and think it's all about slim, silicone-topped models out there. Alyson is your average American girl-next-door like the majority of most XLGirls. She likes to read, play video games, watch movies and hang out with friends. Even though she's got 44F boobs, she says she can buy bras off the rack. "I used to feel embarrassed about my breasts but not anymore," Alyson says. "This was a big step for me. I've never modeled like this before." She did well! Alyson has super-wide areolae. They weren't measured while she was here but they look like they're six inches across! Alyson has a pierced tongue and says she can tie a cherry string with it. After her titty play, Alyson fingers herself, showing one of the ways she likes to rub one out. Welcome to, Alyson Galen. We're sure your boyfriend's enjoying this too.

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