Ring Her Bells

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Levi called me up and told me to rush over to his house and I was busy watching the game so I decided to ignore his texts. He sent me pics of some hot MILF and I was not going to miss the game for anything. Next morning I wake up to Levi resuming his text campaign to get me over to his house. It turned out the MILF slept over and he wanted to try one last time to document the hunt. I drove over there groggy and grumpy but once I saw Carlly looking precious and slumbering in his bed, I immediately woke up. He slowly introduced her to our escapades and she freaked out once I realized I was filming their early bird banging. Levi calmed her down and convinced her to have fun 'just like we did last night'. She believed us when we said we would erase it after we enjoyed watching it and finally agreed to it. Soon as they were done, they went right back into bed and passed out.

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