Shannon West - Teacher Gets A Creampie

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It's not easy paying attention in class when the teacher is a luscious MILF like Shannon West, and the subject she's teaching is sex education. Oh, sure, your eyes are always on the teacher-how could they not be?--but you're not listening to what she's saying. You're thinking about how nice it would be to get some private sex-ed tutoring from her. So, one day, after class, she calls you to the front of the room and asks you what's on your mind. You stammer, turn red, then you say, "You're so attractive and you're teaching sex-ed. I can't really focus very well. I'm embarrassed to say that." She sees no reason for you to be embarrassed and offers a cure for your problem. "Maybe you need a hands-on approach," she says. And then, all of those things you've been fantasizing about? They happen! Every single one of them. You even get to cum deep inside her pussy-teacher's orders!-and watch your cum drip out of her just-fucked, 51-year-old twat. This is one class you just might get an "A" in.

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