Bea Cummins

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Here's a treat for all of us: Bea Cummings, 67 years old and one of the most popular ladies over at, returns to show off her incredible MILF body without any man-parts getting in the way. Bea, who's married and lives in Kentucky, is beautiful in many ways (her body, her face), but maybe the most beautiful part of her is how lustful she gets for the camera. At the start of this vid, Bea says, "I'm Bea Cummins, I'm 67, and I'm sexy and I'm lustful and I know what you're doing right now. So why don't you just sit back, unzip and enjoy yourself because we're going to have some fun. Just you and I." Bea talks to us a lot in this vid, other than the times when she's fingering her very gorgeous twat (you can hear it squishing when she slides a few fingers inside) or jiggling her boobies or fucking her old snatch with a dildo. Yeah, we said fucking her old snatch. Nasty, right? But not as nasty as a 67-year-old woman sucking her fresh snatch juices off a dildo. She does that, too.

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