Sassy blonde Tristyn Kennedy sucks rod & gets drilled like a good girl.

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Tristyn is a southern spoiled rich bitch who is relocating to Los Angeles with Daddy's money. Rocco is a real estate agent who has the unenviable task of trying to find this brat a house to purchase. Of course this hot whore hates everything he shows her, & today is the last house they'll have time to look at, before this hot whore heads home. Deciding that this hot whore may as well get something out of her trip, this hot whore comes on to a very reluctant Rocco, that knows if her Dad finds out he didn't find her a house, & that he's fucked his daughter, heads are gonna roll. this bitch finally get's him out of his clothes, & makes him believe that if he doesn't have sex with her, he's really going to be in trouble!

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