Briella Bounce - Every thing's Bigger In Texas!!

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Briella Bounce!! The name says it all yall!! Briellas ass is HUGE! She's the kind of chick you would allow to sit on your face for breakfast. She's got ass for days, weeks, months and years!! Yay for hotties like Briella! She gives Cuban hotties a run for their money. It's quite a site to see her shake that ass up, down and side to side and believe me she shakes that shit! There's no sense in even wasting time with an ass like that. you have to jump right in and have your way with it. It's like if you fell off a boat and didn't know how to swim you would want Briellas ass cheeks there as floaties. Preston and I have a lot in common. He likes big booties just like me. Actually just like most of us pervos out here!! Ms. Bounce is from Texas and as they say "EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS" Yeeeeeehaaaawwwww!!!!!! Enjoy!

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