Film Festival Frivolity W/ Ryder Skye

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Seth is a film student who has just finished his first short film. He searched online for film festivals that he could submit his movie to and came across one that peaked his interest. It just so happens that he was about a week too late for submissions. He convinces that director over the phone to give his film a chance and she agrees to check it out and see what she can do, but no promises. He arrives at Ms. Ryder Skyes office to show her the film, but after only watching about 5 seconds of the film she stops it and explains to Seth that if he really wanted a chance at getting his movie played in the festival he would have to do some work (hint, hint). Seth, so willing to make it in hollywood, agreed to be pretty much Ryders slave for the day. What he didn't know and was pleasantly surprised with what that he would be her sexual slave for the day. After Ms Skye gets her orgasm on she leaves Seth with his balls in his hand and still no confirmation as to wether his film would be submitted or not. Hollywood can be a chick. Enjoy!

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