Paris Kennedy

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My old guy and I took a stroll to the bad bad of the city. It's the kind of place where the Police don't even show up. Why were we there? My guy took me to persuade some black dude to come back to our place, fuck, and fill me up with black jizz. I love my dude but he's seriously lacking in the meat department. His love for me knows no bounds so we hoped in the BMW and eventually hit the lottery with Rico Strong. Rico was hesitant when we told him about our fantasy and thought we were bullshitting him. The look in my eyes said otherwise and minutes later we were back at our love nest. I let my dude watch as I pulled down Rico's pants to unveil a black fire hose. My cuckold whipped out his puny dick and started beating off when I had that giant black meat stick shoved down my throat. It was like my boyfriend's rod, only 100 times bigger and it was actually hard! My lipstick was slowly running from my lips and onto his meat stick every time my face got closer to his pelvis. I knew I had a good thing coming when he bent me over, and slid inch after inch inside me until his warm balls were slapping my butt cheeks. I felt like I was getting stretched in half since this was my first time with a black rod. There were no possible stretches I could do for my pussy to be ready. I was in heaven each time his rock hard black meat stick took liberties with my aching white pussy. The icing on the cake was when my pathetic cuckold was jacking off as his chick was getting pounded into unconsciousness. We ended our day when Rico turned my pussy into his own personal jizz container. My dude, the sicko he is, ate whatever cum came oozing out from me. However, Rico shot me full of so much splooge that I'm sure a black baby is on its way.

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