Sunset Diamond


I've seen some crazy shit in my life but today's festivities took the cake. I was brought into Dr. Harvard's office to mend the broken fences between Sunset and her irate father. I could see the hate in his eyes from the very moment I walked in. His neck got red as did his face since his daughter's attention quickly went from him to me. The only way to avoid a family breakup was for Mr. Diamond to sit front and center as my big black prick tore his little angel apart. I didn't let the innocent face fool me. Behind that smile was a block bitch despite her sexual history being minimal due to her age. However, this hot bitch could deep throat a brotha's prick like nobody's business. this bitch slupred, gagged, spat, and loved that big black prick until it was time to turn her white cunt into a black prick playground. Her pop's wasn't feeling it and I could tell he'd cunt my throat if he had the chance so I had to shake the spot. I must have shot in at least a quart of homemade goo so deep into her cunt that I must have rammed the back of her teeth.

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