Tandra Day

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Tandra Day is a first timer who needed some money and a career, so this voluptuous bitch decided to become a porn star. So this voluptuous bitch was definitely thinking like a whore. this whore explained that this voluptuous bitch would rather get paid for sex than giving it way, in some parking lot at a club. Her only demand during the shoot was that her get to do anal, as this voluptuous bitch really loved getting her butt hole slammed. Her first anal happened after school, when her "friend" missed her slit and nailed his pecker up her butt. From then on, her friends knew Tandra as the "anal teen queen." After getting slammed, Tandra got 4 big loads of cum for a nice gooey facial. Recently, I found out that this voluptuous bitch was back in Pennsylvania, working at a club and sucking pecker in the back room. I guess that a career in porn was too demanding for this dumb whore.

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