Londa Eve

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In this SCORE Classic segment of Busty Dildo Lovers, Londa Eve pistons the living daylights out of herself with a giant dildo mashing in and out of her snatch and a buttplug wedged in her butt. It's a very impressive masturbatory work-out. A Texan dancing in New Orleans, Londa contacted SCORE about posing after seeing a copy of the magazine. this whore has a nice butt and shapely legs too. With her creamy white skin and Anglo-Saxon features, Londa has a facial resemblance to the great Welch wonderwoman Lorna Morgan. Their breasts are completely different, of course. Londa was a very good model and really liked to spread her slit and ass hole wide for the camera. It took no urging to get her to go wide. No tight end, Londa.

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