Bea Cummins

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Bea Cummins, who turned 67 last May, once told us, "I always loved sex. Just not with my first husband. He never did anything to satisfy me. I don't think he even knew if I ever had an orgasm. He didn't care. And forget about dressing naughty. I wore what he wanted me to wear." this bitch was trapped in an unhappy marriage. Not anymore. "With my second husband, I finally have the freedom to enjoy sex," this luscious chick said. "I'm surprised by how open I am and how much freedom I have and how free I feel. The orgasms have gotten more intense because I'm not self-conscious anymore." As an example of how much freedom Bea has with her second husband, we offer you this scene: Bea's real-life husband is sitting at home, reading the newspaper, when Bea returns from a shopping trip. And what did this luscious chick get at the mall? Lucas Stone? And now, Bea is going to get down on her knees and suck Lucas's pecker. And Bea is going to get on the couch and get banged by Lucas in her first interracial clip. And what is Bea's hubby going to do while all of this is happening? Well, after he gets his bearings, he's going to sit down on the couch next to Bea (check out how this luscious chick holds onto her husband while Lucas slams her pussy), then he's going to make the most of his situation by getting his rod out. And then Bea, good wife that this luscious chick is, is going to suck her hubby's rod while Lucas fucks her. Freedom. It's just another word for another load to lose.

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