Bella Roxx - Pump Her Full

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My buddy owns a BB gun store and he asks me from time to time to watch his store when he has to run some errands or take a lunch meeting because he knows my only occupation is to hunt milfs which usually leaves me with a huge amount of free time on my hands. Bella came in to get a present for her 12 year old son and I was more than happy to help her with that. She was only able to afford something in the 125 dollar range but she wanted a package that was around 400 dollars. I flirted with her a bit, let her shoot me in my ass to prove the BB gun would not puncture skin and as soon as I saw my opening I offered her my special mommy sale. She has some fun with me and I sell her a much more expensive package for whatever money she can come up with. She jumped at the chance to get such a bargain and she was also hard up for some dick after so many years of not really having time for a social life due to junior taking up all her time, so she also jumped on my dick.

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