Unbelievable Winter Bondage

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35 year old Elizabeth is getting acquainted with The Apparatus. Her neck is locked into a position that keeps her on her tippy toes. Her wrists are tied off behind her head. Her nipples are tied off to The Apparatus. After ring gagging her she has electrodes placed on her nipples. After turning the power up until she screams. When the Hitachi is positioned onto her cunt she lets me know it helps her forget about the pain.Next we find Elizabeth on the floor with her neck firmly planted by a metal U shaped bar holding it down. Her wrists...which pull her arms straight up from her back...are tied off to the bar. Her ankles are brought up high enough to raise her pelvis off the ground and tied to the ceiling. She is in a perpetual swan dive when the Hitachi attacks her cunt. Now we find Elizabeth in the Objectification Chair. A large rubber posture collar about her neck. Her nipples are tied off to the ceiling and a large ball gag is buckled into her face hole. While her body is splayed out in the chair a Hitachi is positioned on her cunt. Duct tape gets added to her eyes, her toes get tied off. Finally Elizabeth is placed into a strict hogtie and carried outside into the 22 degree temperature and placed onto a solid sheet of ice. Snow is piled on her back and shoved in her face. She immediately begins to scream and plead for mercy. She curses and screams and she is absolutely incessant with the begging. If you like your bondage with a LOT of begging and pleading for mercy this video is for you.

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