Spread Eagle Torment

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Magik starts her day off in a little device we like to call the Head Orifice. This left her on her knees and in a rather discomforting position. Adding a large ring gag and a painful cupping set to her breasts helped flesh out Magiks distress and humiliation. Her breasts growing increasingly purple as the cylinders bounced around on her tits. I walk in behind her and grab the vaginal stimulator and stuff it into her cunt. I crank up the electricity to it and deliver electrical current deep inside her box. I crank it up to the point of just being unbearable and I make sure I get that pain threshold reached right away. And then it is the riding crop. Purple marks making an appearance on her ass cheeks. I fuck her with this giant dildo until her pussy aches. We can hear the squishy sounds from her cunt as the dildo penetrates in and out. She gets permission to cum and suddenly we see it wash over her. The smashing of the dildo into her cunt continuing as she tells us...Im cumming! Next we find Magik zip tied to a chain link fence which is suspended from the ceiling. Her feet dangle just out of reach of the floor. A Eroscillator works over her clit. But that is short lived as I start to tickle Magik. I work her under arm lightly moving my fingers just over the skin. She starts to laugh and then it grows into snorts. Her feet kick freely back and forth looking for some place in which to push herself away. I work my way down her sides. She laughs out loud. She is really starts to get the fence swinging now as she bucks around, snorting and laughing. Then I suddenly switch from tickling her to caning her ass. Then both at the same time. And now she is beyond her limit.Later we find Magik in a hogtie. A big red ball gag in her face hole. I attempt to add some labia clamps but her pussy is so wet and so messy that they just slide off. She is doing a lot of moving around but not really going anywhere and the ball gag stretching her face hole open. She lifts her chest off the floor and tries to gain some purchase by slinging herself to one side and then the next. Her progress slow and frustrating for her. She is just bound too tightly in too confining of a hogtie to be able to get very far. After awhile I show up with the Eroscillator. It does not take long for her to ask for permission to cum. I leave the vib on her clit a little longer than she likes so that we get a harried reaction out of her. A more desperate and needy demeanor.

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