Cindy Cupps - Tits & Tugs

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Cindy Cupps has been dancing and a SCORE model since 1999. In all that time, she's turned down many offers from many studios to do a boy-girl scene. Then she decided to try her hand at a breast-sexin' scene—just one, that's it!--and SCORE was given the honor. The result was Tits and Tugs and Cindy has probably never been sexier. Cindy starts off wearing a sexy negligee over a bustier and seductively fucks the camera with her eyes as she displays her mounded, rounded super-cleavage. She runs her hands slowly over her huge tits, admiring them and rightfully so. Her cleavage furrow must be at least eight inches from chest to massive areolae. How many tit-men have wanted to stick their cocks between those giant breasts as they sat in the dark and watched her dance topless at Cheetah's 3 in Pompano Beach, Florida? When she gets down to the strokin' after a good six minutes of sexy moves on the bed, Cindy gets down on the junk. She brings a definite style to her slow, seductive handiwork, first stroking his package through the boxers. She often licks and sucks her extended forefinger during her cock-fondling to bring an oral note to her technique. Or she'll wet her forefinger and then rub it from the cock-tip down along the shaft, a move designed to send electric chills up a man's spine. Cindy dangles her enormous boobs over the meatus-erectus and rubs it with them. Her combination jacking and tit-fucking moves are so good, her hands are so talented wrapped around a cock, that you just know she's been tit-fucked a lot and she's learned what makes guys shoot their loads. It's a full 24 minute scene and worth every second. Cindy knows and does all the little things that add up to a tremendous happy ending. Looking up at you every other minute. Gazing adoringly at your shaft. All of that is capped by the great moment. When her hand milks the white out of your balls onto her chest and she continues to lay there seductively showing you her mounds of joy spritzed by cum. And here's a tough question for those of you who have gotten off many times over Cindy. What's better...all of Cindy's solo videos together or this scene, never to be repeated?

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