Lexi Belle fucks her way out of prison!

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Well devoted fans, it looks like I'm in trouble with the law again! I was just minding my own business. . .well. . .actually. . . I was shoplifting dildos from the sex shop, when the police showed up to arrest me! The cop was a hunk! I wanted his cock in me so bad, and I knew that he wanted a piece of my ass also! I just had to wait for his co-workers to leave! I stripped for him in the jail cell, and he crumbled! He stuck his cock through the bars for me to suck, and when that wasn't enough, he let me out of the jail cell to fuck! He fucked me good, but not good enough. . .so I handcuffed him to the iron bars and left the cop shop laughing. Boy was he pissed! That old trick works every time! They cant keep Lexi Belle in jail!

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