Eva Notty Tits & Tugs

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The action begins with sexy Eva Notty standing against a curtain. Eva's wearing a sheer white babydoll and she's making her nipples stick out by energetically handling her boobs, rubbing, squeezing, jiggling, swinging and bouncing them. She walks over to the bed and sits next to Commando, who's waiting there and has been enjoying her playing. Eva begins handling her great tits again, rubbing her nipples and squeezing her boobs. Commando takes over the breast-kneading which we now see in point-of-view. Eva's explained to us in her interview, the first Scoreland video in this special, that her breasts are extremely sensitive and that handling them floods her body with pleasure. She sits on top of his prone body, rubbing her pussy against his groin so she's getting excitement on both ends. Hovering over him, Eva takes his cock in her hand, spits on the shaft and begins jerking his boner. Her mouth is so close to his cock, it looks like she'll lick it at any second. Eva lowers her head and rubs her cheeks and chin against his cock, then rubs it against her dangling, swaying jugs. She encases his meat completely between her tits, buffing, rubbing and polishing it with her boobs. Eva switches positions so she can let him see her masturbate while she jacks him off. This also allows him to play with her big tits. Eva turns around so her buttcheeks can be enjoyed while she continues stroking. It's time to really fuck her tits so Eva gets on her back in the best boob-sex position and pushes her boobs together so Commando can hump her cleavage fast. In a few minutes, his jizz-bomb glazes Eva's breasts. She rubs the man-goo into her chest with a satisfied sigh. Give Eva high marks for her breast-sex and stroking skills!

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