Jaelyn Fox - Work out with your cock out

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Here at CezarCapone there is days when we get these bitches that have horrible attitudes and they don't want to listen to anything we tell them to do. So on these special occasions we have to treat them with a little more of aggressiveness. WE YELL AT THEM, WE MAKE THEM RUN, AND THEN WE FUCK THEM! Today we meet Jaclyn Fox and she is one of those special girls, you know the one that seems like she would piss in someone's cereal. Cezar got right into this little bitches ear with his mega phone and she was not listening. So we took her to a local grocery store parking lot and made her run up and down in a short lil dress with her ass hanging out in the middle of the day. When Jaclyn couldn't take the pain anymore we took her back to the house. We instantly got her on her knees and Jeremy Smith came in and shoves his cock right down her mouth. Jaclyn is special in two ways one she is a crazy bitch with an attitude and two this girl can take a dick like no other. Jaclyn has what I like to call the “eye of the cock” you can just look at her eyes and tell she constantly wants a cock in her pussy. Thanks to our good friend Jeremy Smith that is exactly what she got every which way to Sunday. Jaclyn is a 4 _ out of 5 on the bad girl scale… THIS BAD GIRL GOT FUCKED!

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